We provide four major services, meet all your needs in the construction industry.

We are a one-stop engineering services company that specializes in providing a wide range of engineering services, from geotechnical, and civil, to structural engineering. Our team of highly experienced and qualified engineers, architects, and surveyors have years of experience in delivering high-quality and innovative engineering solutions to our clients.

At WINGS, we understand that every client has unique requirements, and that is why we offer personalised and customised engineering services that are tailored to meet the specific needs of each project. Our approach is collaborative and transparent, which ensures that clients are involved at every stage of the project, from conceptualization to completion.


Building surveying includes evaluating the condition of a building and producing a comprehensive maintenance strategy. This requires skilled personnel, professional advice on statutory requirements, and profound land development knowledge. It’s also an area that relies on the development of advanced technology and equipment. We have integrated the use of the latest cutting-edge technology and equipment into our practice, routinely using 3D scanning, drone surveys, and GIS as part of the services we offer. Our survey reports provide clients with a detailed understanding of the condition of their building and help them make the best decision.


Digital Engineering

Digital Engineering is another area where we excel and aspire to leave our mark on the industry. We invest significant resources and training into Digital Engineering to stay ahead of the field. Our approach to projects has earned us multiple major awards and numerous achievements.

Our Digital Engineering services include 3D modelling, clash detection, visualisation, scheduling, and cost estimation. We utilize cutting-edge digital software and technologies to provide precise and efficient solutions that save our clients both time and money.

Digital Engineering offers a myriad of advantages, such as better teamwork, fewer mistakes, and higher efficiency. Our BIM technology allows customers to visualize their projects beforehand, detect potential problems before beginning construction, and make informed choices based on accurate cost estimates and scheduling.



As a group of highly committed and energetic engineers with extensive experience and a proactive approach to problem-solving, we offer comprehensive project management services for the convenience of our clients. Civil, structural, and geotechnical engineering are fundamental to our business. At WINGS, you get what you want.



One Touch, One Design

We are committed to exploring and developing InnoTech Solutions that help our clients save time and money. Our InnoTech team work on creating automated processes and tools that reduce the amount of manual work involved in engineering design and increase the efficiency of the design process.

We have developed four software applications: Manhole Automation, openBIM Checker, RW AutoPlot and Slope Connect. These applications enable us to automate previously manual processes, resulting in time and cost efficiency gains, while also improving consistency and quality control.

Our BIM automation software and plugins are designed to automate repetitive tasks, such as clash detection, model checking, and data management. By automating these tasks, we can reduce the time and cost associated with BIM workflow and deliver projects more efficiently.

Slope Connect

Slope Connect is an application that automates the construction of cross-sections from 3D geological profiles and exports them into a format for Geostudio. The software enhances productivity by loading 3D profiles, visualizing them in 3D, and exporting XML files for cross-section. It also improves quality by refining sectional profiles, ensuring accurate data for further analysis. Slope Connect reduces the time spent on CAD drafting work for slope analysis, increasing project efficiency. The software is user-friendly and can be used by engineers with minimal training. Slope Connect is a valuable tool for engineers seeking to improve project progress and quality control.

Automates cross-section construction from 3D geological profiles, saving time and increasing project efficiency.
Improves accuracy and consistency of sectional profiles, enhancing quality and project control.
Provides a user-friendly software that can be used by engineers with minimal training.
Offers 3D visualization of geological profiles, aiding in the identification of endpoints for cross-sections.
Allows for the export of XML files for cross-section, facilitating further analysis in other geological analysis software.

RW AutoPlot

RW AutoPlot is a visual programming software for automatic BIM model creation of retaining wall design. It provides a single control panel which collaborates with the three software applications — Rhino, Grasshopper and Tekla Structure — to generate retaining wall BIM models while the sections in CAD format automatically. With RW AutoPlot, engineers can create multiple retaining wall BIM models with minimal manual input, plus output contour plans and section drawings, without manually switching to different software, thereby improving project efficiency and quality.

Accelerates design output
Saves time by skipping conventional BIM modelling and CAD drafting work
Saves time by skipping conventional hand sketches and mark-up
Provides integrated workflow (i.e. single control panel)
Enhances consistency and quality control

openBIM Checker

openBIM Checker provides project practitioners such as design engineers, contractors and local authorities (e.g. Buildings Department) involved in the delivery phase with an openBIM tool that incorporates the localised workflows and practices of the Architecture, Engineering and Construction (AEC) industry in Hong Kong.

It requires minimal effort and learning time for project practitioners to perform day-to-day BIM processes, including viewing BIM models, verifying the data of openBIM models against specific design drawings adopted in the local AEC industry. This is in addition to validating the Level of Information Need (LOIN) of an openBIM model by checking its non-geometrical data against the Information Delivery Specifications (IDS) generated from the Asset Information Requirements, which is based on the LOIN framework specified in the HK CIC BIM Standards General

Saves time and increases efficiency through customised features that meet local regulations and codes of practice
Reduces the need for manual labour and saves time through the Data Verification feature that automatically cross-checks the consistency between conventional design drawings and BIM models
Enables users to search for what they need in BIM models with minimum effort, saving time and effort through the Model Inspector feature
Improves accuracy and reliability of the BIM model through the LOIN Validation feature that automatically checks non-geometrical data against Information Delivery Specifications
Promotes interoperability and reliable data exchange between different stakeholders in the construction industry through the vendor-natural platform that accepts IFC data format
Makes it easy to use through the browser-based platform that requires no installation of extra software

Manhole Automation

Manhole Automation is a groundbreaking software that streamlines the design of manhole BIM models, significantly enhancing productivity and quality control. The programme eliminates the need for conventional BIM modelling, CAD drafting, and hand sketches by generating multiple manhole models with minimal manual input. It also automatically selects the appropriate rebar arrangement for the manhole model, reducing the need for checking processes. Additionally, the software auto-generates GA and RC drawings, accelerating design output and speeding up the project. The software's accuracy and consistency reduce the risk of human error and over-design, saving labor costs, material and improving sustainability. Overall, Manhole Automation is a game-changer in the field of manhole design.

Accelerates design output
Saves time by skipping conventional BIM modelling and CAD drafting work
Saves time by skipping conventional hand sketches and mark-up
Saves time by skipping checking process of typical re-bar and spacing table
Provides integrated workflow (i.e. single control panel)
Enhances consistency and quality control